The GeoData Cooperative

We're a transformative organization that integrates .gov, .org, .com, .mil, and .edu under one collaborative partnership.


The Coop is charged with upending the traditional methods of global foundation GEOINT data creation by:

  • Producing continuously updated, high-resolution Geospatial data of previously inaccessible areas

  • Unlocking operational and analytic applications for users within government, industry, and academia  



To deliver relevant geospatial data that meets mission timelines and results in significant cost efficiencies to the United States Government.

We apply innovative algorithms, automation, machine vision, and high-performance compute to expedite the creation of high-resolution elevation models:

Process Electro-optical (EO) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data through our workflow at the country level to greatly reduce costs compared to traditional methods, enabling global scope and repeatability

The Cooperative’s elevation models are unclassified to maximize usability and shareability

Our elevation data currently encompasses Alaska and the Arctic

Beginning in 2021, the Cooperative will commence development of high-resolution elevation models of global areas of interest




In addition to numerous military uses, elevation models can be utilized for many civil and environmental applications, including:

  • Flow channel characterization

  • Watershed mapping

  • Floodplain management

  • Coastal inundation

  • Landslide probability

  • Fault mapping & seismic monitoring

  • Shoreline delineation & sea level rise

  • Transportation mapping

  • Urban environmental planning

  • Planting & irrigation strategies

  • Landscape assessment

  • Commercial forestry canopy height modeling

  • Air navigation & safety

  • Telecommunication network design

The Cooperative’s Dynamic Elevation Models can be accessed via the Geospatial Repository and Data Management System (GRiD), an advanced geospatial database for the storage, processing, visualization and dissemination of Geospatial Data.

  • Access GRiD at

  • Sign up for an account via GEOaxIS or register with a username & password

  • Virtual training is provided on the last Wednesday of each month

  • Contact Info:  (571) 721-2159;


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